In Volume 7 , Vali and his teammates cooperated with Azazel to help the Gremory group in their battle against Loki and Fenrir . As Vali and Issei has started to get along with each other, Odin joins their discussion asking him which women's body part does he likes. Vali irritatedly replies that he's no Oppai dragon , but he thinks that the line from their waist to their hip symbolizes the beauty of women, gaining the nickname Ketsuryūkō from Odin, much to Albion's dismay. In the battle against Loki, Vali used his Juggernaut Drive to defeat Fenrir after they were transported by Kuroka to another location, allowing Arthur to use his Excalibur Ruler to subjugate the giant wolf.

now Shad, you like DS in regards to Dark Souls. but what about DS in regards to Dead Space? that seems like it would be right up your alley in terms of tenticle/monster shit, and Nicole is a ghost, so i feel like you would have an absolute blast drawing some of the characters from the games.

Suggested translations for the Tablet XII spirit in the tree include ki-sikil as "sacred place", lil as "spirit", and lil-la-ke as "water spirit". [17] but also simply "owl", given that the lil is building a home in the trunk of the tree. [18]

They are generally more dangerous than other creatures at the time, particularly those with the handgun . Those armed with pipes swing away at Heather Mason when she comes close enough, limping towards her until they're in range. Those with revolvers should be dealt with immediately, as they can attack from quite a ways away and deal a large amount of damage.

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